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Enhancing the expression
of the soil

Each plot, each tank is a different case and vinification must be adapted to the grapes and daily tastings. However, the basic guidelines are always followed: partial destemming from 50% to 80% (depending on the maturity of stems) some grenache parcels undergo 2 to 4 days cold maceration; daily manual punching so as to get a gentle extraction of tannins; temperatures control (from 28 to 32°C); 3 to 4 weeks long macerations for optimal extraction; separation of free run juice and press juice when devatting (tasting will decide if they are to be blended or not). Some merlot and IGP wines undergo micro-oxygenation followed by draining. Our regular tasting of different juices during winemaking actually leads us through all these operations – keeping in mind our major concern: the concentration of aromas and expression of our soil, while keeping away from over-extraction at the same time (tough job!).