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The harvest

The harvest takes place from late August to mid-October on a “normal” year. Grapes are sorted twice on the spot: each harvester makes a first selection of grapes, then comes a second sorting while the grapes are emptied in the trays, everything is supervised by Aimé, Christophe or Isabelle.

This second sorting is essential to select the best grapes. From then we can determine if the grapes are healthy, and if the seeds, skins and stems are mature enough. It is the quality of the grapes that will decide what to be done during the vinification: percentage of stems kept, cold maceration, length of maceration, frequency of punching down the cap, etc. Grapes coming from the same parcel can be vinified in two different tanks according to its location – northern or southern as their ripeness may be different.

The quality of the harvest in the domaine as a whole will show the result of the work done in the vineyard throughout the year. This is a vital issue as it helps us understand how our land and vines evolve.